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Five Signs Of Termite Activity Around Your Humble, TX Property


Five Signs Of Termite Activity Around Your Humble, TX Property

May 15, 2022 - Termites

up close image of a subterranean termite crawling on wood

Subterranean termites are the most destructive wood-destroying organism in the United States. The cost to property owners each year is in the billions. That is why we're taking some time today to talk about the warning signs subterranean termites provide Humble property owners. If you're not aware, Humble has the most destructive species of subterranean termites in the country. We must stay vigilant if we are to protect our properties from damage. Here's what you need to look for.

1. Swarmers

This is perhaps the most obvious warning sign these insects provide. Unfortunately, a termite colony will not produce swarmers for years. This means termites can damage your property for years before you ever see even one swarmer.

When swarmers appear, they only appear for a short time. A swarm of flying termites can come and go in the time it takes you to grab some eggs at the grocery store. Often, it is only the shed wings of swarmers that are found.

Swarmers are tiny, dark-colored insects with long white wings. These wings stack on top of each other and are rounded at the tips. At only ? of an inch long, a termite swarmer isn't much to look at, but their wings make up most of that length, making them noticeable if you know to look for the tear-drop-shaped white wings.

2. Shelter Tubes

Termite workers dry out easily. This is one reason they create tubes made of soil and saliva in order to get up into a home or business. These tubes can be an obvious sign of a termite infestation if they appear in visible locations. Unfortunately, they are rarely created in visible locations because termite workers have a strong aversion to light. You'll need to get into a crawl space under your home or underneath a deck, porch, patio, etc.

If you see a shelter tube, you may not realize it is a termite construction. In fact, you might think it occurred naturally because termites create these tubes in an organic pattern that can be compared to a lightning bolt, tree branch, or river. But don't let that natural pattern of mud fool you.

3. White Ants

We're sometimes called on to deal with white ants that turn out to be worker termites. This is because worker termites are a pale color and have six legs. If you break into a piece of wood and find white ants creating tunnels inside, you've stumbled onto worker termites. You may find them in a stump, log, tree with heart rot, fence, deck, stairs, wood borders on your flower beds, etc.

4. Hollow Wood

The tunnels created by worker termites will cause thick timbers to sound hollow when you tap on them. If you suspect termites are eating your property, tap on some support timbers in your basement. This could expose an infestation.

5. Wood Damage

The worst warning sign of termite damage is the damage itself. Why? Because it isn't external damage. Subterranean termites rarely create damage that is external. This is why they're able to do so much damage to man-made structures. You won't see holes in your wood, and you won't see the results of tunneling inside the wood. Walls will begin to bulge. Floors will begin to sink, and wood floors will buckle. Ceilings will begin to dip. Doors will stick. Windows open and close freely. When you start to see this damage, it will be too late.

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