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Let's Chat About Cockroach Infestations In Humble


Let's Chat About Cockroach Infestations In Humble

November 15, 2022 - Cockroaches

cockroach on ground

Of all the insects that could invade your Humble home, cockroaches are some of the worst. While there are multiple species with different habits and risk factors, all cockroaches present a variety of risk factors, including the fact that they can be nearly impossible to eradicate on your own!

Luckily the experts at Bugtime's Termite & Pest Control are standing by to help you with quality pest control in Humble. Our highly-trained team of professional technicians is big enough to get the job done and small enough to care about getting it done right. If you are worried about cockroaches in your home, keep reading to learn more about area roaches, or get in touch with us to request a free inspection. 

What Is A Cockroach?

Cockroaches are a common area pest known for their ability to survive extreme conditions and spread a multitude of health issues. Cockroaches are some of the most adaptable pests on Earth. They have survived for millions of years due in part to their ability to live for almost a month without food, two weeks without water, and even a week without their heads! Some female cockroaches only need to mate once to stay pregnant for life, and they are all experts at hiding and evading elimination attempts. 

Aside from their sheer tenaciousness, cockroaches are a problem because of the health risks they carry. These pests can spread 33 different kinds of bacteria (including E. coli and salmonella), as well as six different parasitic worms and seven other human pathogens. If this weren't enough, they also trigger allergies and asthma attacks in many people. 

If you find a cockroach in your house, it is important to take action right away to remove any infestation and prevent cockroaches from coming back in the future. 

Are There Different Types Of Cockroaches?

There are many different species of cockroach. In fact, it's estimated that there are around 4,000 different species living around the world, with about 70 of them living in the United States. Some of the most common species in Texas include: 

  • German Cockroaches: The most common cockroach species in the world, German cockroaches are light brown to tan in color with two parallel stripes behind their head. They only grow to be a little over half an inch in length and are most often found in kitchens and bathrooms. 
  • American Cockroaches: The largest home-invading roach, American cockroaches can grow over two inches in length and are reddish-brown with a yellow figure eight pattern behind their heads. They often infest basements, laundry rooms, and kitchens. 
  • Smoky Brown Cockroaches: These cockroaches are dark, glossy brown, and look similar to American cockroaches but without yellow accents. They grow to be around one and a half inches long with wings that extend beyond their abdomens. Smoky brown cockroaches are typically an outdoor species and are often found in fallen leaves, wood piles, and planters but may also be found in garages, sheds, or rain gutters.  

Regardless of the species, all cockroaches carry significant health risks and can be challenging pests to control and prevent.

Ways To Deter Roach Infestations In Humble

If you are wondering how to deter cockroaches in Humble, it's often better to consider the factors that attract these pests rather than what keeps cockroaches away.

Some of the best ways to deter cockroaches on your property include:

  • Vacuum and clean surfaces regularly to eliminate crumbs and spills.
  • Keep food stored in airtight containers.
  • Cover trash cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Eliminate excess moisture.

Removing these attracting factors is one of the best ways to safeguard your home against cockroaches and other pests.

Professional Cockroach Control For Humble Homeowners 

Prevention is the ideal form of cockroach control. However, if you're noticing that cockroaches have already made it inside your home, it's time to start looking for cockroach control near you. Bugtime's Termite & Pest Control is a veteran-owned company providing high-quality cockroach control to properties in Humble and the surrounding communities. Give us a call today to request an inspection and find out more about the ways that we can help keep your home free of pests now and in the future.