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Getting Rid Of Rats: What The Experts In Humble Want You To Know


Getting Rid Of Rats: What The Experts In Humble Want You To Know

December 16, 2023 - Rats

brown rat outside

As members of the order Rodentia, rodents are among the largest groups of mammals that exist today. Among the most problematic types of rodents in the Humble region are mice and rats, which are often called “commensal” rodents because they reside near humans. Rodents are drawn to homes and businesses, as these locations offer rodents access to food, water, and shelter.

How do you get rid of mice and rats? Many local homeowners underestimate how a minor rodent intrusion can quickly escalate into a full-blown infestation. After initially detecting rats in your home, the best course of action involves promptly getting a hold of an experienced provider of rat control in Humble.

Understanding Rat Behavior: Insights For Effective Rat Control

Rats are omnivorous creatures that will eat the majority of the foods that humans do; therefore, limiting access to food scraps is critical.  Rats are also largely nocturnal and sometimes remain hidden during the day and emerge after dark. Because of their excellent climbing skills, roof rats often look for openings around the upper areas of the home, which sometimes allows invasions by roof rats in attic areas.

Rat-Borne Diseases: Common Illnesses Transmitted By Rats

As rats rummage through trash, sewers, and other filthy environments, they might have exposure to parasites. As a result, home-invading rats might introduce ticks, fleas, and other dangerous creatures to your home.

Wondering what harmful diseases rats carry? Rats are known carriers of rat-bite fever, tularemia, leptospirosis, and several other significant health-related concerns.

It is important to remember that rats, along with other rodents, have overgrown front teeth known as incisors. Rodents habitually use their incisors to gnaw on things—which could be problematic for homeowners in Humble. In many instances, rats inside walls could trigger fires by gnawing on your electrical wiring.

Rat Prevention Tips: Eliminating Attractants And Sealing Entry Points

Are you looking for answers regarding how to prevent rats from invading your home? Some of the best practices for Humble-area homeowners to consider include:

  • Keep exterior areas free of potential attractants such as thoroughly cleaning up after cookouts, removing bird feeders, and promptly removing dog waste.

  • All bags of trash placed outdoors should remain in durable garbage receptacles with functional lids.

  • Never place pet food bowls in exterior areas such as garages, patios, or decks.

  • Minimizes gaps around exterior doors by applying weatherstripping and installing sweeps if needed.

  • Prevent roof rats from entering upper areas by keeping branches trimmed back and repairing any damaged shingles, fascia, or soffits.

Often, even those who diligently adhere to the best preventative measures will experience an intrusion involving rats or other unwanted types of rodents. Here, property owners in Humble should immediately speak with a local pest control company regarding an inspection. Experienced rodent control professionals know how to get rid of a rat infestation quickly and safely.

Call The Rat Control Experts: Ensuring Safe And Effective Elimination

What is the best way to get rid of rats fast? Because of the health risks associated with these pests, any rat removal efforts should be handled by those with proper training and equipment. Reaching a licensed pest control professional is the recommended course of action.

For more than two decades, the local professionals with Bugtime Termite & Pest Control have delivered results for homeowners in Humble who are struggling with rat infestations. We begin by performing a thorough assessment of the premises to gauge the extent of the problem, the likely points of entry, and other key details. Based on the results of the inspection, we will create an effective treatment plan.

For high-quality pest control services in the Humble region, contact our experienced team today.