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What The Experts Have To Say About Flea & Tick Control Around Your Humble Yard


What The Experts Have To Say About Flea & Tick Control Around Your Humble Yard

February 14, 2022 - Ticks

a flea on a white carpet

Two main pests become a problem for both humans and animals in your house. Ticks and fleas are two distinct pests, and they are very different in many ways. However, when ticks and fleas infest your Humble yard, the problems they cause are quite similar.

While fleas and ticks commonly become an issue for your pets, and therefore an issue for you, they can also attach themselves to human hosts. Both of these pests can spread diseases to both humans and animals, so knowing how to prevent them is important for everyone.

The first step in prevention is to know what they look like and how to identify them.

Fleas are small insects that often live in the fur of animals, but they can also find human hosts. They are really tiny and red-brown in color. They often just look like small brown dots on your pet's fur, but if you look closely, you can see their powerful hind legs that they use for jumping.

Ticks have eight legs and range in color from yellow to brown to black. They are flat and oval-shaped except after they've' just eaten when they become engorged. They suck the blood of an animal or human host.

Problems Associated With Fleas And Ticks

Having ticks and fleas can be a problem in many ways. First of all, they can be an issue for your pests, causing discomfort and itching. Worse still, both pet owners and their pets have to deal with the annoyances associated with fleas and ticks. 

However, the biggest reason that ticks and fleas are a problem is that there are many health risks associated with both of them. Here are some health risks that fleas and ticks can cause:

  • Fleas can cause anemia.
  • Both of these pests can cause allergies.
  • Ticks can spread Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other serious diseases.
  • Fleas can cause unwanted conditions like tapeworm in people and pets. 

To protect your family and pets from the dangers of fleas and ticks, it's important to be vigilant and exercise precautions. 

Tick And Flea Prevention Tips

Because ticks and fleas can pose health risks to you, your family, and your pets, knowing how to prevent them is important. While you can't' completely prevent ticks and fleas from getting onto your property, you can make your yard less attractive to them and also do things to prevent them when going outside. Prevention methods involve protecting your pets, too. 

Here are a few tick and flea prevention steps to take:

  • Discuss options with your vet to keep your pets safe from these pests.
  • Keep your yard free of things like leaf piles and other decaying plants.
  • Regularly trim shrubs and bushes and keep your lawn mowed.
  • Vacuum and declutter often.
  • Install fences to help keep wildlife out of your yard.
  • When hiking, wear long-sleeved clothing, avoid dense vegetation, and stay in the center of trails.
  • Wear tick and insect repellent.

Despite your best efforts to keep fleas and ticks away, you still may find yourself fighting these parasites. In the end, it's best to partner with the professionals at Bugtime Termite & Pest Control to reduce the flea and tick population in your Humble yard.

Reduce Flea And Tick Populations In Your Yard With Bugtime Termite & Pest Control

The most effective way to prevent these pests and control their population around your Humble home is to contact the pest control professionals at Bugtime Termite & Pest Control. We will work with you to protect your family and your pets in Humble, TX. Our trained technicians can help you with prevention steps and much more. Give us a call today to learn more.