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Termite Control In Humble, TX & Surrounding Areas

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Premium Termite Control Services For Your Humble Property

Termites are a major concern for thousands of people across the United States. They threaten the structural integrity of the buildings they infest, including older homes, apartment buildings, warehouses, and new buildings. Any structure made of wood is a prime target for termites.

When was the last time your building was inspected or treated for termites? Termites often go undetected until they have caused noticeable destruction that results in costly repairs. We highly recommend that property owners, like yourself, partner with a trusted, fully insured team of termite control professionals like ours at Bugtime Termite & Pest Control. We specialize in premium termite control for residential and commercial properties, including pre-construction termite treatments. Contact us to schedule termite control services today!

Our Expert Termite Solutions To Eliminate Termites From Your Humble Property

Protecting your property against termites is impossible to do on your own. Let us take care of it for you. We have been providing pest prevention solutions in Humble for over 20 years. Using proven Integrated Pest Management methods, we will eliminate termites from your property and prevent them from returning.


The first step in a successful termite treatment is to conduct a thorough examination of your property. During this inspection, your technician will look for signs of termite activity such as wood damage, mud tubes, and holes in the wall. They will also check for dropped wings during the swarming season.


Once we complete the inspection, your technician will expertly apply a liquid barrier treatment in a six by six-inch trench at the base of your foundation. They will use four gallons of the liquid barrier treatment every ten linear feet. This treatment can last up to ten years, depending on weather and other conditions. Flooding may also impact the longevity of the treatment.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Protecting your investment before you hang the drywall is the best way to defend against termite infestations. During pre-construction termite treatments, your technician will spray the soil before concrete is laid down. For an additional cost, we may also apply a borate treatment to the wooden structures before the drywall has been installed to prevent termites.

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Termites in your Humble, TX residential or commercial building are bad news. They will silently destroy your building from the inside out, threatening your safety and resulting in costly repairs. Thankfully, our expert team of pest control professionals at Bugtime Termite & Pest Control has the expertise to protect your property. As a veteran-owned business, we have continued to defend our Humble community from pest invaders since 1998. Let our family protect yours with top-quality pest control solutions.

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