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Don’t Let Fleas In Humble Live Rent-Free In Your Home!


Don’t Let Fleas In Humble Live Rent-Free In Your Home!

July 15, 2022 - Fleas

flea on skin

The Texas summer is at its peak now in July. We’re all trying to find that bit of shade to relax in. But there’s something else that likes to lounge in the shade, lying in wait for someone just like us: fleas. Fleas are common in our area and dwell away from the heat under trees or in tall grass, and because of them, being able to relax in your yard may require enlisting the help of home and commercial pest control in HumbleAvoid letting these pests hitchhike a free ride on you or your pet back to your home.

The Life Cycle of Common Fleas

Fleas breed new generations quickly, but understanding how they develop can help fight them. There are four flea stages:

  • Eggs
  • Larvae
  • Pupae
  • Adult

Fleas drink blood so they can provide the right nutrients for reproduction. A female can lay up to 40 eggs a day, and they come in groups of 20, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to spot. Flea eggs are white and no larger than a grain of sand.

When the flea eggs hatch, larvae emerge. The adults feed these larvae with flea dirt, which is flea feces laden with blood siphoned from hosts. Afterward, the larvae turn to pupae, a cocoon stage. Adults come out of these.

Are You Accidentally Attracting Fleas?

Fleas can enter your property in a number of ways. Though they won’t live on you, fleas on humans aren’t uncommon as a way to reach new locations. Things that contribute to their unwanted presence are:

  • An unclean, cluttered yard
  • Wildlife freely entering the property
  • Not having enough sunlight in the yard or house
  • Not vacuuming the house often
  • Not checking your dog with a flea comb after walks

Sometimes fleas hitch a ride on your pet, but other times they can take a ride on rodents or other wildlife that meander into your yard. If your yard is cluttered and opportune for shaded, hidden nooks, fleas might choose to wait there for new hosts. Sunlight makes them unlikely to get comfortable on your property. Open the shades and remove clutter. Check your dog after walks and be sure to vacuum often. 

How To Get Fleas Out Of Your House

If fleas have managed to propagate for more than a couple of weeks in your house, then you may have a problem and need expert help with fleas. The flea pupa is impervious to most chemicals, and most of what kills the other life stages won’t have any effect on them.

Practice the following for the best way to get rid of fleas:

  • Find the areas where their numbers are concentrated.
  • Clear out pets and children.
  • Check the ears, back, neck, and belly of pets.
  • Bathe pets with soapy water.
  • Clear out clutter where fleas might hide.
  • Thoroughly clean pet bedding on high heat.
  • Steam clean surfaces to kill fleas with heat.
  • Vacuum, especially in carpeted areas where they can burrow and hide.

A flea infestation won’t just reside on your pet. To find them, look in places with shade and places where pets sleep the most. Vacuuming actually encourages the adults to leave their pupal stage early, while trapping other fleas in the bag. Consistency is key. If you eliminate one generation, eggs or pupae might still be waiting to hatch. Clean every day or at least every other day. 

As pest control professionals at Bugtime Termite & Pest Control, we don't recommend using pesticides without a trained specialist’s help. To get rid of fleas without bombing, you need to act fast before the infestation can get out of hand.

No More Fleas In Your Humble Home

It can be exhausting to constantly seek out every potential hiding spot. At Bugtime Termite & Pest Control, we're proud to say we’ve served the community for 100 years. This experience allows us to know that you may need urgent care with flexible scheduling, which we gladly offer. Fighting fleas takes time, effort, and knowledge. Let us provide all of these for you. Reach out to us for home pest control in Humble, TX and let yourself enjoy the rest of your summer.