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Why Are There Spiders In My Humble Home?


Why Are There Spiders In My Humble Home?

October 01, 2021 - Spiders

a spider on a rock

Humble, TX, is home to a wide variety of creepy crawlies, including the humble spider. The vast majority of these creatures are insects, although a few of them fall into the arachnid category.

Arachnids like spiders are some of the most common pests in the area. Although the vast majority of them are completely harmless, none are ever a welcome sight in the home. Eight legs, more than six eyes, and a pair of fangs are enough to scare even the bravest Humble homeowner! To request immediate relief from spiders in your Humble home, reach out to Bugtime Pest Control today.

If you currently have a spider problem anywhere in your house, you can bet that another underlying pest problem is contributing to their spread. If you don’t get rid of spiders quickly, you may face serious repercussions in the future.

Getting Rid Of Spiders & Their Pest Prey

Spiders choose to infest homes for one of three reasons; food, shelter, or accidentally. Spiders sometimes stumble into homes unaware and decide to settle down rather than make the arduous trek back outside. Others prefer to take refuge during the colder parts of the year and establish webs near consistently warm environments. Still, others choose to infest once they have discovered pest prey – an infestation that could be raging on inside your home!

If you think that spiders are a problem near your Humble, TX home, try these prevention tips:

  1. Wipe away any spider webs seen inside or outside the house. Pay special attention to areas with more spider activity, including eaves, corners, and any clutter on the floor.
  2. Control the spread of their pest prey by getting a formal home inspection. The folks at Bugtime Termite & Pest Control are prepared to help at any time.
  3. Purchase some over-the-counter products to help control spider numbers, including general management sprays that you can purchase from the Bugtime Termite & Pest Control products store.

To learn more about spider control products in Humble, TX, contact the team at Bugtime Termite & Pest Control.

How Bugtime Termite & Pest Control Handles Spider Infestations

Founded in 1988, the Bugtime Termite & Pest Control professionals have nearly 40 years of experience in the spider control industry and exist to help our residential and commercial customers maintain pest-free barriers. In order to accomplish this, our pros can provide recurring service visits, or we offer DIY solutions with products that can be purchased from our home office in Humble, TX.

Unlike our competitors, Bugtime Termite & Pest Control offers plenty of DIY pest solutions in Humble, Texas - all for half the cost of other pest management agencies! Once you give us an initial call, we can help you quickly evaluate your next steps and choose a program that’s right for you.

  • We start every phone call with a brief questionnaire, helping you narrow down suspected pests and their damages.
  • Our list of DIY products includes pretreatments, baits, traps, and so much more.
  • We’ll help you locate everything you need, from over-the-counter products to professional strength pest control.

No matter where you live in Humble, TX, the best way to handle both spiders and their pest prey is with help from the Bugtime Termite & Pest Control professionals. Call us today to schedule an initial appointment for home pest control and commercial pest control services, or inquire about our DIY store hours. We can’t wait to help in any way we can!